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Oh the mask

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No wasting

Jani by Janneke Storm for C-Heads
Styling & Art Direction: Ainsley Hutchence from Sticks and Stones Agency Hair: Lucinda from Crawfords Hair MU: Kate Shanahan
Want to reach this moment once with my girlfriend ;)

Listening to Purity Ring - Lofticries

I wanted to reblog this gif a long time ago but I forgot it sadly :( However I found it again and it’s so mesmerizing. You just watch this butt and you have fantasies in your head about this girl and her body. You imagine she dances to you/for you :) and you can’t do anything just smile :)

Ps: And not forget the blvck knee-high socks. Those are perfect match for the blvck panties. Also very sensual ;)


When I saw my first penis I was like “OMG that thing goes inside of me?!” Do guys think “OMG my dick goes inside of that thing?!”

Pretty much :D it is similar to my first time :)

@crackedceiling I couldn’t chose which actual post should I reblog from you so I reblogged two :D
Such a nice ass